Charge: This committee is charged with developing initiatives for initiatives for creating and sustaining the financial wellbeing of the organization.

How the members are selected:  The committee will include the President, Past-President, President-Elect, and Executive Director of the association.

Current Membership: Sandra D. Mitchell (ex officio, as President), Alison Wylie (ex officio, as President Elect), C. Kenneth Waters (ex officio, as Past President, Jessica Pfeifer (ex officio, as Executive Director)

Charge: This committee is charged with exploring and developing proposals concerning the PSA’s social media profile (e.g. website, Facebook, and other social media), and liaise with the PSA office regarding implementation and updates.

How member are selected: The President appoints members to this committee and must include at least one member of the PSA Governing Board.

Current Membership: Soazig Lebihan (chair), Lynn Chiu, Adrian Currie, Sabina Leonelli, Carlos Mariscal, Janet Stemwedel

Charge: This committee is responsible for planning the PSA2018 Public Forum.

How Members are Selected: The President appoints members to ad hoc committees including this committee.

Current Members: Alison Wylie (chair), Laura Ruetsche

Charge: This committee is charged with developing programming and infrastructure to encourage, connect, and promote the activities of members who want to be more socially engaged as philosophers of science. 

How Members are Selected:The committee will be constituted by appointment of the president and include at least one member of the governing board and at least one co-chair of JCSEPHS.

Current Members: Michael Weisberg (chair), Julia Bursten, Megan Delehanty, Melissa Jacquart, Karen Kovaka, Sandra Mitchell, Janet Stemwedel, Sean Valles (ex officio, as co-chair of JCSEPHS), Alison Wylie, Kevin Zollman.

Charge: The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the President and Governing Board of the Association. 

How the Members are Selected: Per Article IV, Section 5, biennially in odd numbered years the Governing Board shall nominate at least six individuals to stand for election to the Nominating Committee. In addition nominations may be made by any fifteen full members of the Association. All nominations must be filed with the Executive Director on or before September 15. Preferential ballots shall be used in the election for Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three individuals. Terms shall begin on January 1 of even numbered years and expire on December 31 of odd numbered years.

Membership: Click here to view the current members of the Nominating Committee. For former members of the Nominating Committee, click here.