The preliminary program for PSA2012 is available at the PSA2012 page. With 119 contributed papers and 109 symposium papers arranged over 57 sessions, PSA2012 is 15% larger than PSA2010 in Montreal. And PSA2010 attendees will be happy to know we've secured larger rooms for PSA sessions at PSA2012. So we have more papers, and more space in which to hear them. And of course, the papers slated for PSA2012 cover a wide range of topics in the field, in keeping with the PSA's mission of promoting research, teaching, and free discussion of issues in the philosophy of science from diverse standpoints. For the program's evident promise of exceptional quality we owe thanks to labors of the PSA2012 Program Committee, chaired by Andrea Woody.

PSA participants are invited to share preprints of their papers at the PhilSci Archive at, a preprint archive maintained at the University of Pittsburgh and sponsored, in part, by the PSA. Preprints are available open-access to interested scholars.

Please note that this is a draft of the PSA2012 program. Please forward any corrections or amendments to either Gary Hardcastle or Andrea Woody.


Gary Hardcastle

PSA Executive Secretary and Treasurer