We welcome our new visitors: Colin Allen, Pablo Acuna Luongo, Geoffrey Gorham, Matthias Neuber, Daniel Wilkenfeld, James Fraser, and Karen Kovaka. In the spring term, Vincenz Fano, Ulrich Gahde, James Justus, Chris Meyns, and Armin Schulz will join us. For more, click on “Visiting Fellows” on the Center Web site.

Speakers this month are Nicholas Rescher, Geoffrey Gorham, Matthias Neuber, Robert Batterman, Pablo Acuna Luongo, and Colin Allen. See the Calendar for details.

Please join us for:

Neuroethics of Implantable Brain Stimulation Devices
25 September 2017
at the University Club

Super-PAC: Early Career Workshop in Philosophy of Astrophysics and Cosmology
27-29 October 2017

The 58th Annual Lecture Series speakers will be Gordon Belot, Michael Weisberg, Sabina Leonelli, James Lennox, Tanya Luhrmann, and Heather Douglas.

Over the summer!

Read about our PSP1 (inaugural summer school) event on Pittwire.

And the 10th anniversary celebration of the Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School in Philosophy of Science.

Details about programs, events, and more can be found on the Center Web site: www.pitt.edu/~pittcntr 

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