We welcome the following new visitors to LSE Philosophy this term: 

  • Dong Ryul Choo, Dincer Cevik, Jeremy Steeger and Nicholas Teh

And we renew our welcome to our continuing visitors

  • Marius Backmann, Thomas Ferretti, Roberto Fumagalli, Katherine Furman, Catherine Greene, Michael Hunter, Hiroyuki Kano, Mikael Klintman, Réka Markovich, Joe Mazor, Johanna Privitera, Anselm Spindler, David Thorstad and Ya-nan Wang


  • Frank Oertel and Carina Prunkl are among the speakers at the Sigma Club lecture series on philosophy of physics
  • Mattia GallottiAnna AlexandrovaLina Jansson and Ralf Bader will give this term's Popper Seminars
  • Anneli JeffersonTeruji ThomasWulf Gaertner and Constanze Binder will be speaking at the Choice Group lecture series on decision and social choice theory
  • Clare Chambers and Jonathan Birch will appear at the Forum


What is it really like to be a bat?

Are bats conscious, and how can we tell? What is it like to use sound to navigate? In a classic paper called ‘What Is It Like to Be a Bat?’, Thomas Nagel used the bat’s capacity for echolocation to introduce philosophical problems concerning conscious experience. But the example is usually discussed in ignorance of what the lives of bats are actually like. On 14 February, this dialogue brings together a philosopher and a bat scientist to discuss the latest research into the minds of bats.


  • Alison Fairbrass (UCL)
  • Craig French (University of Nottingham)


  • Jonathan Birch (LSE)

Alex Voorhoeve: "Pleasure, the Complete Life, and Death"

On 16 February, this inaugural professorial lecture offers a new defence of the Epicurean ideal of the pleasurable life and explains how by following this ideal, we can render death harmless.

The Greek philosopher Epicurus was the first proponent of hedonism – the view that the good life is the pleasurable life. He also argued that “death is nothing to us”. These two claims appear contradictory. For if pleasure is good, it seems to follow that a longer life that contains more pleasure, is better. This lecture offers a new interpretation of Epicurus’ views which dissolves this apparent contradiction. What emerges is an engaging conception of pleasure and the good life which, if one were to follow it, would indeed render death harmless.

This lecture will be followed by a drinks reception in the Shaw Library, LSE. If you plan to attend this event, then please complete this form so that we can keep track of numbers. Please note however that entry to the event on the night is still on a first come, first served basis.

Workshop on Risk and Aggregation in Ethics

On 2 & 3 March this two-day workshop organised jointly with the Department of Philosophy, University College London will bring together philosophers to discuss problems of risk and aggregation in ethical theory.


  • Mike Otsuka (LSE)
  • Johanna Privitera (HU Berlin)
  • Bastian Steuwer (LSE)
  • Korbinian Rueger (Oxford)
  • Véronique Muñoz-Dardé (UCL)
  • Patrick Tomlin & Aart van Gils (Reading)
  • Joe Horton (UCL)
  • Jessica Fischer (UCL)
  • Susanne Burri (LSE)
  • Victor Tadros (Warwick)

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