All PSA2016 participants are encouraged to post preprints of their papers on PhilSci-Archive, under the designated PSA2016 conference heading [[2016] PSA2016: The 25th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (Atlanta, GA; 3-6 Nov 2016)]. This allows you to share more details of your work despite limited presentation times, and your paper can be updated later with new drafts and links to published versions. Note, however, that PhilSci-Archive can only accept paper preprints, not journal-paginated PDFs or slides. For instructions on how to post a conference paper, see:

Once posted, papers will be available under the PSA2016 conference heading, at A preprint volume, which includes all posted PSA2016 papers in one PDF with a linked table of contents, will be available for download there before the meeting.

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Download PhilSci-Archive Preprint Volume -- This will be available closer to the meeting.