PSA2016: The 25th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association

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THE EVOLUTION OF INSTRUMENTS FOR EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION: how different are the material and the algorithmic options?

In recent years, most instruments used in empirical science to collect data (detectors, imaging instruments or measuring instruments) have become digital. Improvements in data production can therefore take two widely different forms. One is the traditional material improvement of the instrument that can be equipped with new optics, better wiring or anything that leads to the production of clearer data. The other is based on the digital form of the data, which permits to process them digitally, using algorithms. In this paper, I argue that, though very different, there are no reasons to privilege one approach over the other.

Author Information:

Vincent Israel-Jost    
Institut Supérieur de Philosophie
Université Catholique de Louvain


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