PSA2016: The 25th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association

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The dam project: Who are the experts?

It is contested whether, in public debates involving technical matters, non-expert knowledge (eg. local knowledge) should be allowed in the more ‘technical’ stages of problem solving. How effective is non-expert knowledge vis a vis expert (eg. scientific) knowledge? What contribution can it offer? Why should it be listened to? In this paper we will first assess the specificity and differences between these two types of knowledge. Secondly, we will discuss whether they are disjunctive or complementary. Thirdly, we will envisage a theoretical framework of conditions and practical requirements whereby technical and more informal knowledge claims can suitably combine.

Author Information:

Eleonora Montuschi    
Dept of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage
University of Venice Ca' Foscari

Pierluigi Barrotta    
Dept of Philosophy and Forms of Knowledge
University of Pisa


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