Through this page we make available in .pdf format many of the papers to be presented at PSA '98.  Included are all contributed papers and those symposium papers whose authors have so far provided us with electronic versions of their manuscripts.

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"Do We See Through a Social Microscope?: Credibility as a Vicarious Selector"
Douglas Allchin, University of Texas at El Paso
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Dogma of Isomorphism: A Case Study From Speech Perception"
Irene Appelbaum, University of Montana
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Curve Fitting Problem: A Bayesian Rejoinder"
Prasanta S. Bandyopadhyay and Robert J. Boik, Montana State University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Bell's Theorem, Non-Separability and Space-Time Individuation in Quantum Mechanics"
Darrin W. Belousek, University of Notre Dame
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Why Physical Symmetries?"
Elena Castellani, University of Florence
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Problems with the Deductivist Image of Scientific Reasoning"
Philip E. Catton, University of Canterbury
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Are GRW Tails as Bad as They Say?"
Alberto Cordero, Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Why Bayesian Psychology is Incomplete"
Frank Döring, University of Cincinnati
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Conserved Quantity Theory of Causation and ChanceRaising"
Phil Dowe, University of Tasmania
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Laudan's Naturalistic Axiology"
Karyn Freedman, University of Toronto
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Is Pure R-Selection Really Selection?"
Bruce Glymour, Kansas State University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Explanatory Pluralism in Paleobiology"
Todd A. Grantham, College of Charleston
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Theories as Complexes of Representational Media"
Robin F. Hendry, University of Durham, and
Stathis Psillos, The London School of Economics
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Helmholtz's Naturalized Conception of Geometry and his Spatial Theory of Signs"
David J. Hyder, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Use-Novelty, Gellerization, and Severe Tests"
Tetsuji Iseda, University of Maryland, College Park
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"A Note on Nonlocality, Causation and Lorentz-Invariance"
Federico Laudisa, University of Florence
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Explaining the Emergence of Cooperative Phenomena"
Chuang Liu, University of Florida
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Van Fraassen and Ruetsche on Preparation and Measurement"
Bradley Monton, Princeton University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Applying Pure Mathematics"
Anthony Peressini, Marquette University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Functional and Intentional Action Explanations"
Mark Risjord, Emory University
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"What Should a Normative Theory of Values in Science Accomplish?"
Kristina Rolin, University of Helsinki
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Changing the Subject: Redei on Causal Dependence and Screening Off in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory"
Laura Ruetsche and Rob Clifton, University of Pittsburgh
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Visual Prototypes"
Pauline Sargent, University of California, San Diego
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Selection and the Extent of Explanatory Unification"
Rob Skipper, University of Maryland at College Park
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Rhetoric, Narrative and Argument in Bruno Latour's Science in Action"
David G. Stern, University of Iowa
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Failure of Equivariance for Real Ensembles of Bohmian Systems"
Jitendra Subramanyam, University of Maryland
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Reconsidering the Concept of Equilibrium in Classical Statistical Mechanics"
Janneke van Lith-van Dis, Utrecht University
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Who's Afraid of Undermining? Why the Principal Principle Need Not Contradict Humean Supervenience"
Peter B. Vranas, University of Michigan
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Reasoning With the 'Rosetta Stones' of Biology: Experimental Systems and Doable Research"
Kevin Lattery, University of Minnesota
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Limited World of Science: A Tractarian Account of Objective Knowledge"
Alfred Nordmann, University of South Carolina
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Likelihood Principle and the Reliability of Evidence"
Andrew Backe, University of Pittsburgh
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Objects or Events? Towards an Ontology for Quantum Field Theory"
Andreas Bartels, Universität Gesamthochschule Paderborn
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"No One Knows the Date of the Hour: An Unorthodox Application of Rev. Bayes' Theorem"
Paul Bartha, University of British Columbia, and
Christopher Hitchcock, Rice University
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Can Experiments Help Us Choose Between the Bohm and Copenhagen Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics?"
Lon Becker, University of Illinois at Chicago
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Empiricism, Conservativeness and Quasi-Truth"
Otavio Bueno, University of Leeds
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Organisation, Evolution and Cognition: Beyond Campbell's Evolutionary Epistemology"
Wayne Christensen and Clifford Hooker, University of Newcastle
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Analysis of Singular Spacetimes"
Erik Curiel, University of Chicago
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Light at the End of the Tunneling: Observations and Underdetermination"
Michael Dickson, Indiana University
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Inference to the Best Explanation is Coherent"
Igor Douven, Utrecht University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Plurality of Bayesian Measures of Confirmation and the Problem of Measure Sensitivity"
Branden Fitelson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Moral Responsibility and the 'Ignorant Scientist'"
John Forge, Griffith University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Interpolation as Explanation"
Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University, and
Ilpo Halonen, University of Helsinki
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Category Theory: The Language of Mathematics"
Elaine Landry, McGill University
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Defending Abduction"
Ilkka Niiniluoto, University of Helsinki
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"'Laws of Nature' as an Indexical Term: A Reinterpretation of Lewis's Best-System Analysis"
John Roberts, University of Pittsburgh
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Scientific Objectivity and Psychiatric Nosology"
Particia Ross, University of Minnesota
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"The Semantic (Mis)Conception of Theories"
C. Wade Savage, University of Minnesota
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Functionalism and the Meaning of Social Facts"
Warren Schmaus, Illinois Institute of Technology
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Proper Function and Recent Selection"
Peter Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Does Science Undermine Religion?"
Neven Sesardic, Miyazaki International College
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Degrees of Freedom in the Social World"
Mariam Thalos, SUNY at Buffalo
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Measured Realism and Statistical Inference: An Explanation for the Fast Progress of 'Hard' Psychology"
J.D. Trout, Loyola University of Chicago
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"The Principle of the Common Cause Faces the Bernstein Paradox"
Jos Uffink, Utrecht University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Inference to the Best Explanation and Theoretical Entities"
Susan Vineberg, Wayne State University
Abstract   |   Manuscript
"Gravity and Gauge Theory"
Steve Weinstein, Northwestern University
Abstract   |   Manuscript

"Defending Longino's Social Epistemology"
K. Brad Wray, University of Calgary
Abstract   |   Manuscript


Symposium: Philosophical Perspectives on Quantum Chaos

Organizer: Frederick M. Kronz, University of Texas at Austin

Chair: TBA

“Bohmian Insights into Quantum Chaos”
James T. Cushing, University of Notre Dame

“Nonseparability and Quantum Chaos”
Frederick M. Kronz, The University of Texas at Austin

“Chaos and Fundamentalism”
Gordon Belot, Princeton University

Symposium: The Organism in Philosophical Focus

Organizer: Manfred D. Laubichler, Princeton University

Chair: TBA

“Fashioning a Descriptive Model of the Worm”
Rachel Ankeny, University of Pittsburgh

“Behavior at the Organismal and Molecular Levels: The Case of C. elegans”
Kenneth Schaffner, George Washington University

“Organism and Decomposition: Steps Towards an Integrative Theory of Biology”
Manfred D. Laublicher, Princeton University, and
Günter P. Wagner, Yale University

“Ontological Butchery: Distinguishing Organisms from Other Functionally Integrated Biological Entities”
Jack A. Wilson, Washington and Lee University

“The Organism in Development”
Robert C. Richardson, University of Cincinnati

Commentator: Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University

Symposium: Studies in the Interaction of Psychology and Neuroscience

Organizer: Gary Hatfield, University of Pennsylvania

Chair: TBA

“Mental Functions as Constraints on Neurophysiology: Biology and Psychology of Color Vision”
Gary Hatfield, University of Pennsylvania

“Cognitive Science and the Neuroethology of Electroreception”
Brian L. Keeley, Washington University in St. Louis

“Neuropsychology and Neurology”
William Hirstein, William Paterson University

Symposium: Toward a New Understanding of Scientific Success

Organizer: Janet A. Kourany, University of Notre Dame

Chair: TBA

“How Inevitable Are the Results of Successful Science?”
Ian Hacking, University of Toronto

“What Does ‘Explanation’ Mean in Developmental Biology?”
Evelyn Fox Keller, MIT

“A Successor to the Realism-Anti-Realism Question”
Janet A. Kourany, University of Notre Dame

Symposium: Evidence, Data Generation, and Scientific Practice: Toward A Reliabilist Philosophy of Experiment

Organizer: Deborah G. Mayo, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Chair: Ian Hacking, University of Toronto

“Data, Phenomena and Reliability”
James F. Woodward, California Institute of Technology

“Can Philosophical Theories of Evidence be Useful to Scientists?”
Peter Achinstein, Johns Hopkins University

“Experimental Practice and the Reliable Detection of Errors”
Deborah G. Mayo, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Symposium: Conceptual Foundations of Field Theories in Physics

Organizer: Andrew Wayne, Concordia University

Chair: TBA

“The Gauge Argument”
Paul Teller, University of California at Davis

“Counterintuitive Features of Quantum Field Theory”
Gordon Fleming, The Pennsylvania State University

Individuation, and Relation in Gauge Field Theory”
Sunny Auyang, Independent Scholar

Commentator: Andrew Wayne, Concordia University

Symposium: Philosophy and the Social Aspects of Scientific Inquiry: Moving On From the “Science Wars”
Organizer: Noretta Koertge, Indiana University at Bloomington

Chair: Cassandra Pinnick, Western Kentucky University

“Reviving the Sociology of Science”
Philip Kitcher, University of California, San Diego

“The Recent Past and Possible Future of the Sociology of Science”
Stephen Cole, SUNY at Stony Brook

“Science, Values and the Value of Science”
Noretta Koertge, Indiana University at Bloomington

“The Contexts of Scientific Practice”
Rose-Mary Sargent, Merrimack College

Symposium: Philosophy of Chemistry

Organizer: Eric R. Scerri, Bradley University

Chair: TBA

“Agency of Multilevel Coherences: in Chemistry and in Other Sciences”
Joseph E. Earley, Sr., Georgetown University

“Can We Exclude Nature from the Stability of Laboratory Research?”
Daniel Rothbart, George Mason University

“Putting Quantum Mechanics to Work in Chemistry”
Andrea I. Woody, The University of Chicago

“The Periodic System: Its Status and its Alleged Reduction”
Eric R. Scerri, Bradley University

Symposium: The Coevolution of Language and Brain: Is there Anything New Under the Sun?

Organizer: Edward Manier, University of Notre Dame

Chair: Edward Manier, University of Notre Dame

“The Roots of Human Linguistic Competence—in Apes”
Duane M. Rumbaugh, Georgia State University

“Syntax Facit Saltum: Minimal Syntactic Computation and the Evolution of Language”
Robert C. Berwick, MIT

“Evolutionary Engineering: How our Mental Capacities were Built from a Set of Primitives.”
Marc Hauser, Harvard University

“Could Grammar Have Evolved?”
Terry Deacon, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Boston University

“Richard Rudner, Postmodern Separatism and The Symbolic Species”
David Rudner, Tufts University

Symposium: The Developmental Systems Perspective in Philosophy of Biology

Organizer: Peter Godfrey-Smith, Stanford University

Chair: TBA

“Causal Symmetries and Developmental Systems Theory”
Peter Godfrey-Smith, Stanford University

“Development, Culture, and the Units of Inheritance”
James R. Griesemer, University of California at Davis

“Causal Democracy and Causal Contribution in DST”
Susan Oyama, John Jay College, CUNY

“Development, Evolution, Adaptation”
Kim Sterelny, Victoria University, New Zealand

Symposium: The Prospects for Presentism in Spacetime Theories

Organizer: Steven Savitt, The University of British Columbia

Chair: Lawrence Sklar, University of Michigan

“There’s No Time Like the Present (in Minkowski Spacetime)”
Steven Savitt, The University of British Columbia

“Special Relativity and the Present”
Mark Hinchliff, Reed College

“Is Presentism Worth Its Price?”
Craig Callendar, The London School of Economics

“Presentism According to Relativity and Quantum Mechanics”
Simon Saunders, University of Oxford

Commentator: Lawrence Sklar, University of Michigan [???]

Symposium: Special Relativity and Ontology

Organizer: Yuri V. Balashov, University of Notre Dame

Chair: TBA

“Becoming and the Arrow of Causation”
Mauro Dorato, University of Rome

“QM and STR: Combining Quantum Mechanics With Relativity Theory”
Storrs McCall, McGill University

“Relativity and Persistence”
Yuri Balashov, University of Notre Dame

Symposium: Kuhn, Cognitive Science, and Conceptual Change

Organizer: Nancy J. Nersessian, Georgia Institute of Technology

Chair: Nancy J. Nersessian, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Continuity Through Revolutions: A Frame-Based Account of Conceptual Change During Scientific Revolutions”
Xiang Chen, California Lutheran University, and
Peter Barker, University of Oklahoma
Abstract   |   Manuscript

“Nomic Concepts, Frames, and Conceptual Change”
Hanne Andersen, University of Roskilde, Denmark, and
Nancy J. Nersessian, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Kuhnian Puzzle Solving and Schema Theory”
Thomas J. Nickles, University of Nevada at Reno

Symposium: The Medical Consensus Conference

Organizer: Miriam Solomon, Temple University

Chair: TBA

“The Epistemic Contribution of Medical Consensus Conferences”
Paul Thagard, University of Waterloo

Title TBA
John H. Ferguson, Office of Medical Applications of Research, NIH

“Are Consensus Conferences Political Instruments?”
Reidar Lie, University of Bergen, Norway

Commentator: Miriam Solomon, Temple University

Symposium: Relations between Philosophy of Science and Sociology of Science in Central Europe, 1914?1945

Organizer: Alan Richardson, University of British Columbia

Chair: TBA

“On the Relations between Psychologism and Sociologism in Early Twentieth-Century German Philosophy”
Martin Kusch, Cambridge University, UK

“Edgar Zilsel’s ‘Sociological Turn’ in Philosophy”
Elisabeth Nemeth, University of Vienna, Austria

“Logical Empiricism and the Sociology of Knowledge: Rethinking the Relations of Philosophy and Sociology of Science”
Alan Richardson, University of British Columbia

“Otto Neurath and the Sociology of Knowledge”
Thomas E. Uebel, The London School of Economics, UK

Symposium: Realism and Classification in the Social Sciences

Organizer: Michael Root, University of Minnesota

Chair: John Dupre, University of London

“How We Divide the World?”
Michael Root, University of Minnesota

“The Politics of Taxonomy”
Richard W. Miller, Cornell University

“Race: Biological Reality or Social Construct?”
Robin Andreasen, University of Wisconsin, Madison

“Local Realism and Global Arguments”
Harold Kincaid, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Symposium: The Structure of Scientific Theories Thirty Years On

Organizers:  Steven French, Leeds University, and
  Nick Huggett, University of Illinois at Chicago

Chair: TBA

“Understanding Scientific Theories: An Assessment of Developments, 1969?1998”
Frederick Suppe, University of Maryland

“Theories, Models and Structures: Thirty Years On”
Steven French, University of Leeds, and
Newton da Costa, University of Sao Paulo,

“The Emergence of Feminist Philosophy of Science”
Helen E. Longino, University of Minnesota

“Local Philosophies of Science”
Nick Huggett, University of Illinois in Chicago

“The Legacy of ‘Weltanschauungen’ Approaches in Philosophy of Science”
Alison Wylie, University of Western Ontario

Symposium: Recent Advances in the Logic of Decision: A symposium in Honor of Richard Jeffrey.

Organizer: Allan Franklin, University of Colorado

Chair: Brian Skyrms, University of California, Irvine

Why We Still Need the Logic of Decision
James Joyce, University of Michigan

Title: TBA
Ethan Bolker, University of Massachusetts, Boston

“Conditionals and the Logic of Decision”
Richard Bradley, London School of Economics
"Subjective Thoughts on Subjective Probability:  What did Dick Jeffrey know and when did he know it? and a Mathematician's Request for Help from the Philosophers"
Ethan Bolker, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Massachusetts, Boston
Abstract   |   Manuscript

Richard Jeffrey, Princeton University