Philosophy of Science Association
Sixteenth Biennial Meeting
Kansas City, Missouri
October 22-25
Final Program

Thursday, October 22

1:00-3:30 PM

SYM--Realism and Classification in the Social Sciences

Organizer: Michael Root, University of Minnesota
Chair: John Dupre, University of London

"How We Divide the World?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Michael Root, University of Minnesota

"Half-Naturalized Social Kinds" [Abstract]
Richard W. Miller, Cornell University

"Race: Biological Reality or Social Construct?" [Abstract]
Robin Andreasen, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Local Realism and Global Arguments" [Abstract]
Harold Kincaid, University of Alabama at Birmingham

SYM--The Structure of Scientific Theories Thirty Years On

Organizers: Steven French, Leeds University, and
Nick Huggett, University of Illinois at Chicago
Chair: Richard Grandy, Rice University

"Understanding Scientific Theories: An Assessment of Developments, 1969--1998" [Abstract]
Frederick Suppe, University of Maryland

"Theories, Models and Structures: Thirty Years On" [Abstract]
Steven French, University of Leeds, and
Newton da Costa, University of Sao Paulo

"The Emergence of Feminist Philosophy of Science" [Abstract]
Helen E. Longino, University of Minnesota

"Local Philosophies of Science" [Abstract]
Nick Huggett, University of Illinois in Chicago

"The Legacy of 'Weltanschauungen' Approaches in Philosophy of Science" [Abstract]
Alison Wylie, University of Western Ontario

CP--Foundations of Quantum Mechanics-1:

Chair: Mathias Frisch, Northwestern University

"Bell's Theorem, Non-Separability and Space-Time Individuation in Quantum Mechanics" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Darrin W. Belousek, University of Notre Dame

"The Light at the End of the Tunneling: Observations and Underdetermination" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Michael Dickson, Indiana University

"Can Experiments Help Us Choose Between the Bohm and Copenhagen Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Lon Becker, University of Illinois at Chicago

CP--Philosophy of Biology-1:

Chair: Lindley Darden, University of Maryland

"Is Pure R-Selection Really Selection?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Bruce Glymour, Kansas State University

"Selection and the Extent of Explanatory Unification" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Rob Skipper, University of Maryland at College Park

"Proper Function and Recent Selection" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Peter Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania


Chair: Paul Humphreys, University of Virginia

"Interpolation as Explanation" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University, and Ilpo Halonen, University of Helsinki

"Inference to the Best Explanation is Coherent" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Igor Douven, Utrecht University

"Inference to the Best Explanation and Theoretical Entities" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Susan Vineberg, Wayne State University

Thursday, October 22


SYM--Toward a New Understanding of Scientific Success

Organizer: Janet A. Kourany, University of Notre Dame
Chair: Ronald N. Giere, University of Minnesota

"How Inevitable Are the Results of Successful Science?" [Abstract]
Ian Hacking, University of Toronto

"Models of and Models for: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Biology" [Abstract]
Evelyn Fox Keller, MIT

"A Successor to the Realism-Anti-Realism Question" [Abstract]
Janet A. Kourany, University of Notre Dame

SYM--The Organism in Philosophical Focus

Organizer: Manfred D. Laubichler, Princeton University
Chair: Richard M. Burian, VPI

"Fashioning a Descriptive Model of the Worm" [Abstract]
Rachel Ankeny, University of Pittsburgh

"Behavior at the Organismal and Molecular Levels: The Case of C. elegans" [Abstract]
Kenneth Schaffner, George Washington University

"Organism and Decomposition: Steps Towards an Integrative Theory of Biology" [Abstract]
Manfred D. Laublicher, Princeton University and
Günter P. Wagner, Yale University

"Ontological Butchery: Distinguishing Organisms from Other Functionally Integrated Biological Entities" [Abstract]
Jack A. Wilson, Washington and Lee University

"The Organism in Development" [Abstract]
Robert C. Richardson, University of Cincinnati

Commentator: Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University

CP--Foundations of Quantum Mechanics-2:

Chair: Robert Rynasiewicz, Johns Hopkins University

"Are GRW Tails as Bad as They Say?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Alberto Cordero, Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY

"A Note on Nonlocality, Causation and Lorentz-Invariance" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Federico Laudisa, University of Florence

"Van Fraassen and Ruetsche on Preparation and Measurement" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Bradley Monton, Princeton University

CP--Science and Values-1:

Chair: Peter Kirschenmann, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

"Laudan's Naturalistic Axiology" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Karyn Freedman, University of Toronto

"Rhetoric, Narrative and Argument in Bruno Latour's Science in Action" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
David G. Stern, University of Iowa

"Defending Longino's Social Epistemology" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
K. Brad Wray, University of Calgary

CP--Probability and Statistical Inference:

Chair: Henry Kyburg, University of Rochester

"No One Knows the Date of the Hour: An Unorthodox Application of Rev. Bayes' Theorem" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Paul Bartha, University of British Columbia, and Christopher Hitchcock, Rice University

"The Likelihood Principle and the Reliability of Experiment" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Andrew Backe, University of Pittsburgh

"The Plurality of Bayesian Measures of Confirmation and the Problem of Measure Sensitivity" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Branden Fitelson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Why Bayesian Psychology is Incomplete" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Frank Döring, University of Cincinnati

Friday, October 23


SYM--Studies in the Interaction of Psychology and Neuroscience

Organizer: Gary Hatfield, University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Gary Hardcastle, VPI

"Mental Functions as Constraints on Neurophysiology: Biology and Psychology of Color Vision" [Abstract]
Gary Hatfield, University of Pennsylvania

"Cognitive Science and the Neuroethology of Electroreception" [Abstract]
Brian L. Keeley, Washington University in St. Louis

"Neuropsychology and Neurology" [Abstract]
William Hirstein, William Paterson University

SYM--Relations between Philosophy of Science and Sociology of Science in Central Europe, 1914--1945

Organizer: Alan Richardson, University of British Columbia
Chair: Richard Creath, Arizona State University

"On the Relations between Psychologism and Sociologism in Early Twentieth-Century German Philosophy" [Abstract]
Martin Kusch, Cambridge University, UK (Paper read by Richard Creath)

"Otto Neurath and the Sociology of Knowledge" [Abstract]
Thomas E. Uebel, The London School of Economics, UK

"Logical Empiricism and the Sociology of Knowledge: Rethinking the Relations of Philosophy and Sociology of Science" [Abstract]
Alan Richardson, University of British Columbia

"Edgar Zilsel's 'Sociological Turn' in Philosophy" [Abstract]
Elisabeth Nemeth, University of Vienna, Austria

CP--Quantum Field Theory

Chair: Richard Healey, University of Arizona

"Why Physical Symmetries?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Elena Castellani, Department of Philosophy, University of Florence

"Changing the Subject: Redei on Causal Dependence and Screening Off in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Laura Ruetsche and Rob Clifton, University of Pittsburgh

"Objects or Events? Towards an Ontology for Quantum Field Theory" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Andreas Bartels, Universität Gesamthochschule Paderborn

CP--Science and Values-2:

Chair: Lynn Hankinson Nelson, University of Missouri, St. Louis

"What Should a Normative Theory of Values in Science Accomplish?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Kristina Rolin, University of Helsinki

"Scientific Objectivity and Psychiatric Nosology" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Particia Ross, University of Minnesota

"Moral Responsibility and the 'Ignorant Scientist'" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
John Forge, Griffith University

"Does Science Undermine Religion?" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Neven Sesardic, Miyazaki International College

CP--Confirmation / Scientific Inference-1:

Chair: Jane Duran, University of California, Santa Barbara

"The Curve Fitting Problem: A Bayesian Rejoinder" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Prasanta S. Bandyopadhyay and Robert J. Boik, Montana State University

"Use-Novelty, Gellerization, and Severe Tests" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Tetsuji Iseda, University of Maryland, College Park

"Empiricism, Conservativeness and Quasi-Truth" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Otavio Bueno, University of Leeds

Friday, October 23


Special Interest Group in Philosophy of Social Science

Panel Discussion: "Teaching of Philosophy of Social Science"

Chair: Harold Kincaid

Speakers: Alison Wylie, University of Western Ontario; Paul Roth, University of Missouri at St. Louis; James Bohman, St. Louis University

Friday, October 23


SYM--Philosophy of Chemistry

Organizer: Eric R. Scerri, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University
Chair: Lee McIntyre, Colgate University

"Agency of Multilevel Coherences: in Chemistry and in Other Sciences" [Abstract]
Joseph E. Earley, Sr., Georgetown University

"Can We Exclude Nature from the Stability of Laboratory Research?" [Abstract]
Daniel Rothbart, George Mason University

"Putting Quantum Mechanics to Work in Chemistry" [Abstract]
Andrea I. Woody, The University of Chicago

"The Periodic System: Its Status and its Alleged Reduction" [Abstract]
Eric R. Scerri, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University

SYM--The Developmental Systems Perspective in Philosophy of Biology

Organizer: Peter Godfrey-Smith, Stanford University
Chair: David Buller, Northern Illinois University

"Causal Symmetries and Developmental Systems Theory" [Abstract]
Peter Godfrey-Smith, Stanford University

"Causal Democracy and Causal Contribution in DST" [Abstract]
Susan Oyama, John Jay College, CUNY

"Development, Culture, and the Units of Inheritance" [Abstract]
James R. Griesemer, University of California at Davis

"Development, Evolution, Adaptation" [Abstract]
Kim Sterelny, Victoria University, New Zealand

SYM--Conceptual Foundations of Field Theories in Physics

Organizer: Andrew Wayne, Concordia University
Chair: Twareque Ali, Department of Mathematics and Statistics Concordia University

"The Gauge Argument" [Abstract]
Paul Teller, University of California at Davis

"Counterintuitive Features of Quantum Field Theory" [Abstract]
Gordon Fleming, The Pennsylvania State University

"Description, Individuation, and Relation in Gauge Field Theory" [Abstract]
Sunny Auyang, Independent Scholar

Commentator: Andrew Wayne, Concordia University

SYM--The Medical Consensus Conference

Organizer: Miriam Solomon, Temple University
Chair: James Robert Brown, University of Toronto

"The Epistemic Contribution of Medical Consensus Conferences" [Abstract]
Paul Thagard, University of Waterloo

"Are Consensus Conferences Political Instruments?" [Abstract]
Reidar Lie, University of Bergen, Norway

"NIH Consensus Conferences: Resolving Medical Controversy with Data in a Science Court" [Abstract]
John H. Ferguson, Office of Medical Applications of Research, NIH

Commentator: Miriam Solomon, Temple University

Friday, October 23


PSA Presidential Address

Awards, Announcements: Michael Friedman, University of Indiana
Introduction: Abner Shimony, Boston University

Richard C. Jeffrey, Princeton University
"I Was a Teenage Logical Positivist"

Saturday, October 24


SYM--Evidence, Data Generation, and Scientific Practice: Toward A Reliabilist Philosophy of Experiment

Organizer: Deborah G. Mayo, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Chair: Ian Hacking, University of Toronto

"Data, Phenomena and Reliability" [Abstract]
James F. Woodward, California Institute of Technology

"Can Philosophical Theories of Evidence be Useful to Scientists?" [Abstract]
Peter Achinstein, Johns Hopkins University

"Experimental Practice and the Reliable Detection of Errors" [Abstract]
Deborah G. Mayo, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

SYM--Special Relativity and Ontology

Organizer: Yuri V. Balashov, University of Notre Dame
Chair: David Stump, University of San Francisco

"Becoming and the Arrow of Causation" [Abstract]
Mauro Dorato, University of Rome

"QM and STR: Combining Quantum Mechanics With Relativity Theory" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Storrs McCall, McGill University

"Relativity and Persistence" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Yuri Balashov, University of Notre Dame

Commentator: Rob Clifton, University of Pittsburgh

SYM--Philosophical Perspectives on Quantum Chaos

Organizer: Frederick M. Kronz, University of Texas at Austin
Chair: Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame

"Bohmian Insights into Quantum Chaos" [Abstract]
James T. Cushing, University of Notre Dame

"Nonseparability and Quantum Chaos" [Abstract]
Frederick M. Kronz, The University of Texas at Austin

"Chaos and Fundamentalism" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Gordon Belot, Princeton University

CP--Philosophy of Social Science:

Chair: Robert Feleppa, Wichita State University

"Do We See Through a Social Microscope?: Credibility as a Vicarious Selector" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Douglas Allchin, University of Texas at El Paso

"Functional and Intentional Action Explanations" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Mark Risjord, Emory University

"Functionalism and the Meaning of Social Facts" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Warren Schmaus, Illinois Institute of Technology

"Degrees of Freedom in the Social World" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Mariam Thalos, SUNY at Buffalo

CP--Philosophy of Biology-2:

Chair: Sandra Mitchell, University of California, San Diego

"Explanatory Pluralism in Paleobiology" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Todd A. Grantham, College of Charleston

"Reasoning With the 'Rosetta Stones' of Biology: Experimental Systems and Doable Research" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Kevin Lattery, University of Minnesota

"Organisation, Evolution and Cognition: Beyond Campbell's Evolutionary Epistemology" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Wayne Christensen and Clifford Hooker, University of Newcastle

Saturday, October 24


PSA Business Meeting

Saturday, October 24


SYM--Recent Advances in the Logic of Decision: A Symposium in Honor of Richard Jeffrey

Organizer: Allan Franklin, University of Colorado
Chair: Brian Skyrms, University of California, Irvine

"Why We Still Need the Logic of Decision" [Abstract]
James Joyce, University of Michigan

"Subjective Thoughts on Subjective Probability:
What did Dick Jeffrey know and when did he know it?
a Mathematician's Request for Help from the Philosophers" [Abstract]
Ethan Bolker, University of Massachusetts, Boston

"Conditionals and the Logic of Decision" [Abstract]
Richard Bradley, London School of Economics

Commentator: Richard C. Jeffrey, Princeton University

SYM--The Prospects for Presentism in Spacetime Theories

Organizer: Steven Savitt, The University of British Columbia
Chair: Lawrence Sklar, University of Michigan

"There's No Time Like the Present (in Minkowski Spacetime)" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Steven Savitt, The University of British Columbia

"Special Relativity and the Present" [Abstract]
Mark Hinchliff, Reed College

"Is Presentism Worth Its Price?" [Abstract]
Craig Callendar, The London School of Economics

"Presentism According to Relativity and Quantum Mechanics" [Abstract]
Simon Saunders, University of Oxford

SYM--Kuhn, Cognitive Science, and Conceptual Change

Organizer and Chair: Nancy J. Nersessian, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Continuity Through Revolutions: A Frame-Based Account of Conceptual Change During Scientific Revolutions" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Xiang Chen, California Lutheran University, and
Peter Barker, University of Oklahoma

"Nomic Concepts, Frames, and Conceptual Change" [Abstract]
Hanne Andersen, University of Roskilde, and
Nancy J. Nersessian, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Kuhnian Puzzle Solving and Schema Theory" [Abstract]
Thomas J. Nickles, University of Nevada at Reno

CP--Causation and Laws of Nature:

Chair: James H. Fetzer, University of Minnesota, Duluth

"Who's Afraid of Undermining? Why the Principal Principle Need Not Contradict Humean Supervenience" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Peter B. Vranas, University of Michigan

"The Conserved Quantity Theory of Causation and Chance Raising" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Phil Dowe, University of Tasmania

"'Laws of Nature' as an Indexical Term: A Reinterpretation of Lewis's Best-System Analysis" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
John Roberts. University of Pittsburgh

"The Principle of the Common Cause Faces the Bernstein Paradox" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Jos Uffink, Utrecht University

CP--Scientific Theories/Representation of Scientific Knowledge:

Chair: Joseph C. Pitt, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Theories as Complexes of Representational Media" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Robin F. Hendry, University of Durham and Stathis Psillos, London School of Economics

"The Limited World of Science: A Tractarian Account of Objective Knowledge" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Alfred Nordmann, University of South Carolina

"The Semantic (Mis)Conception of Theories" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
C. Wade Savage, University of Minnesota

"Category Theory: The Language of Mathematics" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Elaine Landry, McGill University

Saturday, October 24


SYM--Philosophy and the Social Aspects of Scientific Inquiry: Moving On From the "Science Wars"

Organizer: Noretta Koertge, Indiana University at Bloomington
Chair: Cassandra Pinnick, Western Kentucky University

"Reviving the Sociology of Science" [Abstract]
Philip Kitcher, University of California, San Diego

"The Recent Past and Possible Future of the Sociology of Science" [Abstract]
Stephen Cole, SUNY at Stony Brook

"Science, Values and the Value of Science" [Abstract]
Noretta Koertge, Indiana University at Bloomington

"The Contexts of Scientific Practice" [Abstract]
Rose-Mary Sargent, Merrimack College

SYM--The Coevolution of Language and Brain: Is there Anything New Under the Sun?

Organizer and Chair: Edward Manier, University of Notre Dame

"The Roots of Human Linguistic Competence-in Apes" [Abstract]
Duane M. Rumbaugh, Georgia State University

"Syntax Facit Saltum: Minimal Syntactic Computation and the Evolution of Language" [Abstract]
Robert C. Berwick, MIT

"Evolutionary Engineering: How our Mental Capacities were Built from a Set of Primitives" [Abstract]
Marc Hauser, Harvard University

"Could Grammar Have Evolved?" [Abstract]
Terry Deacon, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Boston University

"Richard Rudner, Postmodern Separatism and The Symbolic Species" [Abstract]
David Rudner, Tufts University

CP--Foundations of Statistical Physics/Space-Time Theories:

Chair: John Norton, University of Pittsburgh

"Explaining the Emergence of Cooperative Phenomena" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Chuang Liu, University of Florida

"Reconsidering the Concept of Equilibrium in Classical Statistical Mechanics" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Janneke van Lith-van Dis, Utrecht University

"The Analysis of Singular Spacetimes" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Erik Curiel, University of Chicago

"Gravity and Gauge Theory" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Steve Weinstein, Northwestern University

CP--Philosophy of Psychology/Cognitive Science:

Chair: Michael Bradie, Bowling Green State University

"The Dogma of Isomorphism: A Case Study From Speech Perception" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Irene Appelbaum, University of Montana

"Measured Realism and Statistical Inference: An Explanation for the Fast Progress of 'Hard' Psychology" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
J.D. Trout, Loyola University of Chicago

"Helmholtz's Naturalized Conception of Geometry and his Spatial Theory of Signs" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
David J. Hyder, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

"Visual Prototypes" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Pauline Sargent, University of California, San Diego

CP--Confirmation/Scientific Inference-2:

Chair: Robert Brandon, Duke University

"Problems with the Deductivist Image of Scientific Reasoning" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Philip E. Catton, University of Canterbury

"Applying Pure Mathematics" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Anthony Peressini, Marquette University

"Defending Abduction" [Abstract] [Manuscript]
Ilkka Niiniluoto, University of Helsinki

Sunday, October 25


PSA Governing Board Meeting