Call for Symposium Proposals and Workshop Proposals

Philosophy of Science Association

Eighteenth-Biennial Meeting, 7-10 November 2002 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Members of the PSA are invited to submit proposals for symposia and workshops to be presented at the PSA 2002 meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin November 7-10. Proposals must include sufficient supporting material to permit the program committee to evaluate the quality and interest of the symposium or workshop. The proposal should include:


  1. The title of the proposed symposium or workshop.
  2. A description of the topic and a justification of its current importance to the discipline (about one or two pages).
  3. Titles and abstracts of papers.
  4. A list of participants and either an abbreviated curriculum vitae or short biographical information file for each.
  5. Addresses of each participant, with the institutional affiliation, postal and email addresses, and telephone numbers.


Please indicate clearly the name of the organizer or contact person for the purposes of communication with the Program Committee.


In addition to inviting proposals in traditional areas of the philosophy of science, the Program Committee wants also to encourage the submission of proposals that involve participation of working scientists.


New Format

This year there are two changes to note:


In addition to invited symposia sessions and contributed papers sessions, PSA 2002 will feature workshops. The symposia will follow the traditional format, whereby the papers presented will be submitted for consideration to be published after the meeting in a supplementary issue of Philosophy of Science. The evaluation for publication will be on entire sessions, that is, all papers in the session will be published together. All papers presented at PSA2002 will be electronically archived, including those accepted for publication and those not accepted for publication in the Journal.

Workshops will follow a new format, whereby there is no expectation that the papers presented will be submitted for review for publication. Authors may choose to have them archived in electronic form. This format may be more attractive to sessions involving participants from outside the philosophical community. For example, informational sessions on new developments in an area of science or an area of philosophy of science may want to adopt the workshop model.


We are going totally electronic for this meeting. That means that the abstracts for the symposia and workshops will be available on-line prior to the meeting. If participants in symposia or workshops would like to make the texts of their presentations available on-line, we will also publish them at the web site. It also means that all submissions must be sent by email as attachments or uploaded at our interactive web site.


UNTIL 15 JUNE 2001 Submissions are to be sent by email as attachments in Portable Document Format (pdf), PostScript (ps), Plain Text (ASCII) Word (doc) or HTML (html) to the following address:

AFTER 15 JUNE 2001 Submissions may be sent EITHER by email as described above OR by means of an interactive web site at

Symposium proposals should reach the chair of the Program Committee no later than

1 NOVEMBER 2001.


IMPORTANT: Any submission accepted for publication in Philosophy of Science will have to be ultimately submitted in a Word-compatible format. We encourage you to submit in such a format initially, if at all possible.


The Program Committee for PSA 2002 is as follows:


Robert Batterman (Ohio State University)

Harvey R. Brown (University of Oxford)

Craig Callender (University of California, San Diego)

Malcolm Forster (University of Wisconsin)

Helen Longino (University of Minnesota)

Mohan Matthen (University of British Columbia)

Sandra D. Mitchell (University of Pittsburgh), Chair

Alexander Rosenberg (Duke University)



All questions about submissions should be directed to:

Sandra D. Mitchell, Chair

PSA 2002 Program Committee

History and Philosophy of Science

1017 Cathedral of Learning

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA 15260