The PSA Governing Board consists of the President, the President-elect, the most recent past President, the Executive Director, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, and eight other persons elected by the full and retired members of the Association. The Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer are appointed by the Governing Board and serve as ex officio, non-voting member of the Governing Board. The terms of office of the elected members of the Governing Board, excluding the President, President-Elect, and most recent past president, shall be four years each, so staggered that the terms of two of these members expire each year. There is no limit on the number of terms an individual may serve on the Governing Board, but an individual (excluding the Executive Director, the Secretary, and the Treasurer) may not serve two consecutive terms. Terms shall begin on January 1 and expire on December 31. Nominations for PSA President and for elected members of the Governing Board are made by the Nominating Committee (listed below) or by 15 full members of the association. Nominations made by 15 full members of the Association must be filed with the Executive Director on or before February 15. Biennially in odd numbered years the Governing Board nominates at least six individuals to stand for election to the Nominating Committee. In addition, nominations may be made by any fifteen full members of the Association. All nominations must be filed with the Executive Director on or before February 15.



PresidentMichela Massimi
University of Edinburg2023/01/01 - 2026/12/31
President ElectCraig CallenderUniversity of California, San Diego2023/01/01 - 2026/12/31
Most Recent Past PresidentJohn DupréUniversity of Exeter2023/01/01 - 2026/12/31

Executive Director

Max CormendyPhilosophy of Science Association2022/01/01 - 2025/12/31


Kevin ZollmanCarnegie Mellon University2023/01/01 - 2026/12/31


Chris HaufeCase Western Reserve University2020/01/01 - 2023/12/31

Other Members of the Governing Board

Stéphanie RuphyEcole Normale Supérieure2022/01/01 - 2025/12/31
Jacqueline SullivanUniversity of Western Ontario2022/01/01 - 2025/12/31
James WeatherallUniversity of California, Irvine2023/01/01 - 2026/12/31
Jonathan TsouUniversity of Texas at Dallas2023/01/01 - 2026/12/31
Mathias FrischLeibniz Universität Hannover2024/01/01 - 2027/12/31
Lydia PattonVirginia Tech2024/01/01 - 2027/12/31
Anya PlutinskyWashington University in St. Louis2021/01/01 - 2024/12/31
Jutta SchickoreIndiana University2021/01/01 - 2024/12/31

Nominating Committee

Otavio BuenoUniversity of Miami2024/01/01 - 2025/12/31
Emily ParkeUniversity of Auckland2024/01/01 - 2025/12/31
Lauren RossUniversity of California, Irvine2024/01/01 - 2025/12/31