Website FAQs

Membership is now handled exclusively by the PSA office. Questions about this site, membership payment, or your subscription to Philosophy of Science should be directed to the PSA office

Member Area

Q: What is a Member Area?

  • The Member Area is a new feature for The member area will also serve as a dashboard to navigate to events, committees, news, and more right from your personal member menu.

Q: How do I log in and out of the Member Area?

  • To access the Member Area from the PSA homepage, click the red button in the upper right corner labeled Member‘s Area. You will then be prompted to sign in using your unique username and password. After joining as a PSA member, you should receive an email with a temporary password to gain initial access to your Member Area. You will remain logged into the member area until you log out. To log out of the member area, select the Log Out button in the upper right corner of the member area. 

Q: I forgot my password, how can I access the Member Area?

  •  If you forget your password or wish to reset it for any reason, you can request a password reset by supplying your email address on the login page. Then, follow the instructions to regain access to your Member Area. For further issues, contact the PSA Office.

Member Communities

Q: What are Member Communities?

Member Communities are a way to:

  • Meet and engage with others with similar interests from around the globe
  • Meet and engage with others near you who are interested in philosophy of science
  • Continue our conversations between meetings and include those unable to attend
  • Work together to support one another, to learn from each other, and to enhance philosophy of science scholarship, teaching, outreach, and engagement

Q: How can I participate in PSA Communities?

  • You can participate in the discussion on our website or by email. You can choose to receive emails whenever someone posts, to receive a daily digest once per day, or to receive no emails and just engage in the discussion on the online discussion board for each community. You can also access your communities through the member menu in your member area, under the tab Communications.

  • Member Communities are limited to PSA members. (One exception is the Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science Community, which is the former listserv of the Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosopher and Historians of Science, and is also open to History of Science Society members.)

Q: Where can I find a listing for PSA Communities?

Q: Can new PSA Communities be created?

Watch A Guide to PSA Member Communities

News & Newsletters

Q: Where can I read news of interest to philosophers of science?

  • The new website has a main news hub, where you can find links to all sorts of news of interest to philosophers of science: You can also find links to specific items under News on the main menu. You can also subscribe to our newsletters, and choose what sorts of news you want to receive. These are open to anyone, and not restricted to PSA members. In addition, our members can join PSA Communities, where they can share with each other.

Q: Where can I read or subscribe to the PSA Newsletter or Science Visions, the Newsletter of the PSA Women‘s Caucus?

Q: How can I subscribe to receive news or change my subscription preferences?

Community News

Q: What is Community News?

  • Community news is general news of interest to philosophers of science, such as fellowships, grants, or awards.

Q: Can anyone share news items? How?

Q: Where can I stay up to date on Community News?

Jobs Board

Q: What is the Jobs Board?

-The Jobs Board lists jobs of interest to philosophers of science.

Q: Can anyone share a job posting? How?

-Yes. There is no charge for posting jobs on our jobs board. Go to:

Q: Where can I access the Jobs Board?

-Go to:

Q: Can I apply for jobs directly on

  • No, you will need to follow the instructions provided on the job posting to apply.

Member Book Gallery

Q: What is a Member Book Gallery?

Q: How can I share my book to be highlighted?

  • Visit the Member Book Gallery and click Member Book Upload to complete the member book upload form. If you are making a new submission, you will need to then select Enter New Submission under first time submission. You will be required to fill in the title, author, and publisher information. As well as, a book cover image. Optionally, you may include a link to purchase or find out more about the book.

Q: What are the requirements for sharing a book to the Member Book Gallery?

  • There are only three requirements to share your book on the Member Book Gallery.

  1. Be a PSA Member

  2. Have published your book within the past 5 years

  3. Complete the submission form

Member News

Q: How do I submit news about myself?

  • Once you log into your account, click on "Communication" in the Member Menu and then choose "Member News Submission"

Calendar of Events & Calls for Papers

Q: What is the Calendar of Events & Calls for Papers?

  • Our new Calendar of Events and Calls for Papers allows you to search for events and calls for papers of interest by date or by key words, and you can add the event or call for papers directly to your calendar.

Q: Where can I view the Calendar?

Q: How can I submit an event of interest or call for papers?

Committee and Caucus Pages

Q: What are Committee & Caucus Pages?

  • Committee and Caucus Pages are where you can find information about the function of each committee or caucus, how each committee is constituted, and who is on the committee or in the Caucus. Committee and Caucus Pages serve as a great way to learn about all the work the PSA and its members do. The Committee and Caucus Pages also serve as functional work spaces for committee and caucus members to engage with their work. If you are a member of a committee or caucus, the link to your committees‘ page can be found at the bottom of the Member Area under the My Membership Info under the PSA Committees & Caucuses tab. You can go here to post or read documents related to the committee or post a message on the committee‘s Message Board. You can also post to the Message Board by emailing the associated address, which can be found at the top of the Message Board. 

Q: How can I volunteer to serve on a PSA Committee or join the Women‘s Caucus?

  • Visit the Committees & Caucuses Page, then select the committee or Caucus you are interested in participating in. You will see a link to Click Here to sign up for this PSA Committees & Caucuses, this link will take you to a sign up form where you can join the Women‘s Caucus or volunteer to serve on a committee. You must be a member to serve on a committee or be a member of a caucus. PSA members can also contact committee chairs directly if they would like to volunteer ideas. Please note, not all committees are open to volunteers; refer to the description of each committee for more information on the committee-specific selection process. Except for where otherwise specified (such as with the Program Committee), the President of the Association must appoint members to a committee, though the President typically does this in consultation with the committee chair.

Q: Where can I access Committee and Caucus Pages?

  • You can find all Committee pages listed here: You can also access the Committee & Caucus Pages by visiting your Member Area, then going to your Engagement tab and selecting PSA Committees & Caucuses. The fastest way to access the Committee Pages you are involved in is at the bottom of the Member Area under the My Membership Info under the PSA Committees & Caucuses tab. 

Q: I am a member of a committee, but I do not have access to the working committee page.

  • Make sure your membership is up-to-date. If it is, please let the PSA office know at