The Sponsor-a-Scholar Program offers the benefits of PSA membership to scholars residing outside the U.S. and Canada who are in financial need. Sponsored scholars can enjoy a free membership of the PSA and a waiver of the registration fee for the PSA biennial conference. They are also eligible to apply for PSA Travel Grants in order to help them attend the conference in person. In addition, scholars wishing to receive advice or mentoring in improving their connections to the international philosophy of science community may request to have a senior member of the PSA appointed as their personal liaison; this possibility is also open to PSA members who do not require the financial assistance offered through the Sponsor-a-Scholar Program.

To apply to become a sponsored scholar, please submit: 

(1) your curriculum vitae; 

(2) a brief statement (maximum 500 words) explaining how membership in the PSA would benefit you;

(3) a statement explaining why you require financial assistance. 

These documents should be combined into one electronic file and e-mailed to Max Cormendy, the Executive Director of the PSA, at this address:  <director@philsci.org>. Applications will be evaluated by the International Relations Committee of the PSA.

Sponsorship will be granted for a two-year period, starting on the date on which the application is approved. Application for renewal can be made by updating the supporting documents submitted for the initial application (as listed above), and must be made before the current period of sponsorship ends. Each sponsored scholar will receive an official letter from the PSA certifying the sponsorship, and the list of sponsored scholars will be announced publicly (except for any scholars who opt out of publicity).

The PSA commits to maintain up to 10 sponsored scholars at a given time. This number may be increased if more funding becomes available. Donations to the Sponsor-a-Scholar Program can be made via the PSA website.